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Magneto Parts

Igniter Parts, Springs, Mica, & Teflon

Grease cups, Oilers, & Oiler parts

Drain Cocks & Priming Cups

Spark plugs

Wire & Wire Ends

Engine & magneto nameplates

Hardware & Other Gears

Magneto Parts

Webster Magneto Parts
Wico EK, AX, PR, OC & R Magneto Parts
Wico Rotary Magneto Parts
  Wico Flywheel Magneto Parts
  Wico Distributor Parts
Fairbanks Morse Magneto Parts
American Bosch Magneto Parts
IHC & Accurate Eng. Magneto Parts
Maytag Magneto Parts
  Briggs & Stratton Magneto Parts coming soon !!!
  Case Magneto Parts coming soon !!!
  Edison/Splitdorf Magneto Parts coming soon !!!
  Magneto Gears
  Other High Tension Magneto Parts
  Other Low Tension Magneto Parts

Igniter Parts, Springs, & Mica

  Igniter Springs
  Mica Washers & Tubes, & Teflon Bars & Tubes
  Igniter Parts, Points, Point Material, & Gasket Material

Grease Cups, Oilers, & Oiler Parts

Grease Cups
Glass Drip Oilers, & Brass Oil Cups
  Oiler Glass, Gaskets, & Filler Plugs
Oil Cups & Wick

Drain Cocks & Priming Cups

Drain Cocks & Priming Cups

Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs By Part Number
  Spark Plug Application Chart coming soon!!!


Original Pattern Cloth/Cotton Covered Wire
Wire Ends

Engine & Magneto Nameplates

Engine Nameplates
  Magneto & Buzz Coil Nameplates

Hardware & Other Gears

Brass Thumb Nuts
Brass Check Balls
  Assorted Hardware (grommets, clamps, etc.)
  Assorted Gears