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IHC Magneto Parts



IHC's earliest mags were supplied by either Webster or Motsinger. The Motszinger Autosparker was a friction drive unit that ran off the flywheel. It was used primarily on larger engines. The Milton-Webster, and later the Webster, was a complete magneto/igniter unit that bolted onto the engine. It was timed to the ignition and performed far better. IHC used Webster mags for many years, and even offered them in place of their own mags in Canada for quite some time.

IHC got into the mag buisiness of making their own mags by buying the Accurate Engineering Company. They were making the low-tension rotary mags for their Mogul line of stationary engines at the time (and probably for a lot of other people too.) IHC's first task was to change the artwork on the tags to indicate that they made the mag. Other that the name on the tag, little changed on the mags after the buyout, and most if not all parts are interchangeable. They eventually migrated from bronze bodies and bearing plates to pot metal, but in all fairness, Accurate would have done it on their own. I rarely see cracked pot-metal bodies on these mags. I do see stripped mounting threads. I can usually repair these. Send me the body and I can rebuild the base as good as or better than new.

Early IHC high-tension mags for tractors were made by K-W and later Splitdorf. IHC's first high-tension mag of their own design, was the E-4A. It was a knockoff of the Bosch DU-4 (the industry standard at the time) and proved to be a darn good mag for the time. While I don't list many parts for these mags, they are easily rebuilt. I rebuild condensers and rewind coils for these mags. Points can usually be resurfaced. I also have bearings.

IHC replaced the E4A with an inductor-style mag, the F4. It also proved to be quite reliable and was much easier and cheaper to repair. The H4 mag replaced the F4 mag, and a single cylinder version, the H1 mag, was used on type LA stationary engines. Their last mag, the J4 was an attempt to share many of the parts between their mags and their battery distributors. These later mags are very reliable and easily rebuilt. For some reason, IHC started using Wico mags on their type "LB" engines. First, the type AH-1, and later the rare H-1. Parts for these mags are found on the
Wico Magneto Parts page. These are most of the parts available for these tractor and stationary engine (LA & LB) mags. I grew up with these mags on the tractors on my family farm. Many other parts are avaliable. Please call, write, or e-mail with requests. It is also quite common to find Wico, Bosch, or F-M mags on these tractors. Look on those respective pages for those parts.

I can replace bearings, rewind coils and rebuild the mounting plates on IHC (and other) low tension mags. I will also have the gears (and maybe bearing plates) real soon. Look for Webster parts in the
Webster section. For the Motszinger, I can supply coils and nameplates.

These are most of the parts for IHC tractor mags and stationary engine (LA & LB) mags. I grew up with these mags on the tractors on my family farm. Many other parts are avaliable. Please call, write, or e-mail with requests.

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L & R Low Tension Mags

E4A High Tension Mags

F4 & F6 High Tension Mags

H1 & H4 High Tension Mags

J4 Mags & Battery Ignition

Order number Description Picture Price each

 IHC Low Tension Magneto Parts

Type L & R Rotary Mags    
GR30 Gear for type L mag for 1 1/2 HP IHC M engine, cast iron   50.00
GR31 Gear for type L mag for 3 HP IHC M engine, cast iron   55.00
GR32 Gear for type R mag for 6 HP IHC M engine, cast iron   55.00
NP081 Band, type L mag, aluminum   12.00
NP087 Band, type L mag, brass   15.00
NP088 Band, type R mag, aluminum   14.00
NP089 Band, type R mag, brass   15.00
NP080 Band, Accurate Engineering, type R, for early Mogul, brass   12.00
  Type E4A High Tension Mags    
CND39 Condenser rebuild   25.00
CLR39 Coil rewind   130.00
NP086 Band, E4A, brass   16.00
BRG02 Magneto bearing, type E15 25.00
  Type F4 & F6 Mags    
IH64 F4, F6 points   16.00
IH55 F4, F6 condenser   10.00
IH54 F4, F6 coil   65.00
IH60 F4 cap   75.00
IH63 F4 lead out tower, internal   50.00
BRG02 F4, F6 mag bearing, E15   25.00
IH52 F4, F6 brush   2.50
IH57 F4, F6 drive float   18.00
IH61 Coil cover gasket   2.50
IH62 Point cover gasket   1.00
  Type H1 & H4 Mags    
IH55 H1, H4 condenser   10.00
IH80 H1, H4 points   16.00
IH54 H1, H4 coil   65.00
IH84 H4 rotor   9.00
IH72 H1, H4 coil cover   26.00
IH73 H1, H4 coil cover, IHC logo & brass contacts, hand cast 50.00
IH75 H4 distributor cap   18.00
IH76 H4 distributor gear   32.00
IH82 H1 point cover, pot metal   discontinued
IH79 H4 impulse pawl kit, RH   16.00
BRG02 H1, H4 mag bearing, E15   25.00
IH77 H1, H4 gasket set (does not include LA/LB mount gasket)   7.00
IH87 H1 impulse spring, IH mags only disontinued
IH78 Coil cover gasket, extra thick, ALWAYS use when installing new coils   2.00
IH85 Flange gasket, H-1, for IHC 1 ½ - 2 ½ HP LA/LB   2.00
IH86 Flange gasket, H-1, for IHC 3 - 5 HP LA/LB   2.00
  Type J4 Mags & Battery Distributor Ignition    
IH90 J4 coil   70.00
IH91 J4 mag and battery ignition condenser   10.00
IH92 J4 mag and battery ignition distributor cap   28.00
IH95 J4 mag and battery ignition points   12.00
IH93 Coil cover, J4, brass inserts & IHC logo 50.00
IH96 Rotor   not available
IH97 Rotor retainer   16.00
IH99 Gasket set   7.50
IH98 IH battery ignition rotor   8.00
COIL01 6 volt coil, replaces the coil on most 6 volt systems   27.00
COIL02 Ignition coil, 12 volt, replaces the coil on most 12 volt systems   35.00