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Wico Rotary Magneto Parts

Wico started out life as the Witherbee Igniter Company. Located in Springfield, MA, their primary mission was to build quiality ignition systems for stationary engines. Early mags were all oscillating design and were for 1 and 2 cylinder engines. Early models like the "L", "O", and "R" were considered high-tension mags, but they used no points. They had only a primary wound to produce a very high voltage. They were surprisingly hot and easilly jumped the gap on a spark plug. They eventually lost favor because they were very noisy and were difficult at best to adjust. Later variants of the "L" series mag incorporated a set of points and a more traditional coil setup. From this time forward, every mag they designed contained points (a wise decision!)

In the late teens, Wico was producing an impressive array of oscillating mags designed for engines from small to large in size. Current models included the AX, PR, (later replaced by the EK), and the OC for large oilfield engines. OC mags were very hot and reliable and many are still in use to this day on oilfield pumping engines. At some point in Wico's early stages, they had the misfortune to produce a mag called the B1 (or the B2 for 2-cylinder engines). It was their first rotary mag (though technically it was an oscillating design internally.) The mag was designed to be a disposable mag, since no repair parts were ever produced. It was also their first major experiance with pot-metal. It was a spectacular failure. These are terrible mags and are generally considered unrebairable.

Wico then straightened it's act out by producing a very long line of rotary mags including the "LD", "A series", "C", and finally the "X series". These were extremely reliable and all are very repairable.

I can get most parts for Wico rotary mags, and I can get nearly all parts for type XH mags. Parts not listed here may be a special order item and take a couple of weeks. I addition, I can get new mags for many applications (type XH). Call, write, or e-mail with requests. I also have a large collection of parts mags with used but good parts.

Check out this application list for XH series mags. It is divided into 2 parts, one for Caterpillar mags, and one for everything else. Look for the specification number on your mag. It is located on the ID tag on the side of your mag. Then look across the row for the parts available for that mag! This list is in development so it may take a while to get it completed. It is a large table and is a LOT of work.

Application List For XH-Series Mags

Application List For Caterpillar Mags

Wico rotary mags were most popular on John Deere tractors, Case tractors, and Wisconsin engines. They were used, however, on countless other engines. Early John Deere tractors used the type C Wico (among other brands) and later John Deere tractors used the type XH mag. Be sure to get the right mag type before ordering parts. I will be adding a LOT of other parts here real soon. There are also LOTS of parts available for Wico mags used on Caterpillar engines, far too many to list and to stock. (Once I sort out what is popular, I will stock them.) I can get most of them at a reasonable price (far less than from Cat). If you don't see what you need, let me know. Chances are I can get it.

I can get coils for most mags and can supply replacement condensers. There were also several other mags other than what is listed here. I can also get parts for some of those as well.

International LA & LB engines used Wico mags (AH-1 and the H-1) as well as IHC mags. Parts are not interchangeable, but the mags themselves are. Parts for the IHC mag are listed in the IHC section. Parts for the AH-1 and H-1 are listed here. The parts for these 2 mags are NOT interchangeable. Look for AH-1 coil covers next year. The condenser for the H-1 & LD mags is a generic one (the original is no longer available.)

The table below lists parts sorted by magneto type. The part numbers in the description field refer to the original Wico part number. If you are unsure about what model magneto you have, e-mail me with a description and some pictures if you can, and I will try to help you identify your mag.

The last Wico rotary mag I have a few parts for is the J & JEM. This was a vertical mag used on Ford Model A cars and a few other rare applications.

Order number Description Picture Price each

Wico Models A , AH, AP & C Magneto Parts

WIC210 Coil, A, AH, C, 5-5086   65.00
WIC211 Coil, AP   130.00
WIC220 Condenser, A, AH, C, 2-5076   16.00
WIC221 Condenser, AP   16.00
WIC225 Points, A, AH, C, X3343   16.00
WIC226 Coil cover, A call
WIC227 Coil cover, AH-1 45.00
WIC228 Coil cover, AP 45.00
WIC230 Distributor cap, C, 2 cyl John Deere, 3-5007   38.00
WIC231 Distributor cap, C, 2 cyl John Deere L (3 terminals across the front), 3-5011   38.00
WIC232 Distributor cap, C, 4 cyl, 3-5008   38.00
WIC233 Impulse spring, A, C, XH, 94-5016 12.00
WIC234 Impulse spring, AH, H-1 (Wico mags on;y, IHC H-1 uses a different spring) 25.00
WIC237 Cap gasket, C, 94-5085   1.25
WIC238 Coil cover gasket, C, 94-5113   1.25
WIC219 Coil cover gasket, A   2.00
WIC240 Coil cover gasket, AH-1, for IHC LA/LB with Wico mag   2.00
WIC241 Point cover gasket, AH-1   2.00
WIC242 Body gasket, AH-1   1.00
IH85 Flange/mount gasket, AH-1, H-1 for IHC 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 HP engine   2.00
IH86 Flange/mount gasket, AH-1, H-1 for IHC 3 - 5 HP engine   2.00
WIC236 Main body cover, C, 94-5096   48.00
WIC239 Rotor, C, 4-5000   10.00
WIC295 Bearing, AH   10.00
WIC217 Bearing, A, C   5.00
WIC300 Knob, A, C, plastic with brass insert   2.00

Wico Model XH, XHD, & XHE Magneto Parts

WIC272 Points, XH, 1-5008 (also replaces 1-5007)   18.00
WIC273 Points, XH, Cat., 1-5090   18.00
WIC274 Points, XH, Cat., 1-5111   18.00
WIC267 Condenser, XH, X6916/2-5007   8.00
WIC269 Condenser, XH, Cat., XH-1906, 1907, & 1908, 2-5077   10.00
WIC250 Cap, XH, John Deere, 3-5000   38.00
WIC251 Cap, XH, John Deere L, 3-5012   42.00
WIC252 Cap, XH, 4 cylinder, Case & Massey Harris, & others, 3-5014   48.00
WIC253 Cap, XH, 1 cyl, Wisconsin & others, 94-5212   24.00
WIC254 Cap, XH, 2 cyl, Wisconsin & others, 94-5092   26.00
WIC259 Cap, XH, 4 cyl, Wisconsin & others, 3-5001 38.00
WIC256 Cap, XH, 2 cyl, Cat, 3-5013 56.00
WIC257 Cap, XH, 2 cyl, Cat, 3-5023 68.00
WIC258 Cap, XH, XB, 6 cyl, 3-5015 65.00
WIC314 Cap, XH, 2 cyl, Cat, 3-5052 (also replaces 3-5044) 60.00
WIC315 Cap, XH, 2 cyl, Cat, 3-5054 64.00
WIC316 Cap, XH, 4 cyl, Cat, 3-5057 64.00
WIC317 Cap, XH, 2 cyl, Kohler, 3-5030 (similar to 3-5013, but with thumb nuts for the lead-out towers)   60.00
WIC318 Cap, XH, 2 cyl, Cat, 3-5046 50.00
WIC322 Cap, XH, 2 cyl, Cat, 3-5032   46.00
WIC323 Cap, XH, 2 cyl, Cat, 3-5036   52.00
WIC255 Cap gasket, XH, 94-5076   2.25
WIC256 Cap gasket, XH, rounded bottom, 94-5200 2.25
WIC257 Cap gasket, XH, Cat., rectangular, 4 mounting holes, 94-5234 2.25
WIC258 Cap gasket, XH, Cat. rounded bottom, 94-5235 2.25
WIC259 Cap gasket, XH, Cat. Rectangular, 6 mounting holes, 94-5257 2.25
WIC260 Coil, XH, single spark, 5-5011   50.00
WIC266 Coil, XH, single spark, 5-5011-Cat, use THIS coil in all XH mags for Cat 60.00
WIC263 Coil, XHD, or XH with a D suffix, 5-5029 75.00
WIC261 Coil, XH, dual spark, 5-5030   75.00
WIC301 Coil clip, (holds down the coil), XH, 94-5080   2.00
WIC276 Rotor, XH, John Deere, 4-5003   12.00
WIC277 Rotor, XH, John Deere L, & other 2 cylinder, 4-5018   12.00
WIC278 Rotor, XH, Case & Massey Harris, 4-5010   28.00
WIC340 Rotor, XH, Cat, 4-5008 58.00
WIC341 Rotor, XH, Cat, 4-5009 38.00
WIC342 Rotor, XH, Cat, 4-5015 38.00
WIC343 Rotor, XH, Cat, 4-5016 62.00
WIC360 Cap brush, XH, 94-5242   4.00
WIC285 Stop button assy., XH, 90-5042   8.00
WIC286 Stop button only, XH, 94-5079   2.50
WIC289 Impulse coupling package, XH477, early JD with long-lug impulse, 70-5070   80.00
WIC290 Impulse couple package for XH mag for XH1042 and other mags, most JD, 70-5071   80.00
WIC291 Impulse coupling package for XH909 mag for John Deere L, 70-5078   80.00
WIC233 Impulse spring, C, XH, 94-5016 12.00
WIC296 Main bearing assembly, XH, 94-5156   28.00
WIC299 Bearing, bronze, point plate, 24-5000   4.00
WIC361 Seal, main bearing, 43-5066   3.00
WIC297 Drive end hardware kit, includes main bearing seal, 90-5027   26.00
WIC234 Impulse pawl spring, counter-clockwise rotation mags, 5-5017   4.50 ea
WIC235 Impulse pawl spring, clockwise rotation mags, 5-5016   3.00 ea
WIC288 Impulse trip arm package, 90-5033   16.00
WIC292 Nut, XH, impulse coupling, 43-5067   5.00
WIC293 Nut, XH, impulse coupling, when used with a gear, 90-5019   13.00
WIC294 Impulse stop, most mags, 94-5070   10.00
WIC298 Impulse stop, XH-1343B mag, 94-5383   10.00

Wico Model H-1 & LD Magneto Parts

WIC221 Condenser, generic for type H-1, LD, F & FG   5.00
WIC262 Coil, H-1, LD   130.00

 Wico J & JEM Magneto Parts

WIC220 Condenser, J & JEM, 2-5076   16.00
WIC225 Points, J & JEM, X3343   16.00
WIC233 Impulse spring, J & JEM, 94-5016 12.00
  I can probably supply new coils if you give me your bad original   call