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Brass Thumb Nuts

These brass thumb nuts make excellent replacements for buzz coils, spark plug nuts, and other electrical connections. When ordering nuts for spark plugs, be sure to check the number of threads per inch since some plugs use 32 threads/inch and others use 40 threads/inch. The easiest way to check is with a regular 8-32 nut. If it will thread on the plug, then it is 8-32. If it threads a little way on and then jamms, then it is 8-40. Sparkplug thumb nuts have a different profile than regular thumb nuts and are an excellent duplication of the originals.

Order number Description Picture Price each
HDWR008 Thumb nut, brass, 4x40   0.60
HDWR001 Thumb nut, brass, 6x32 0.75
HDWR002 Thumb nut, brass, 8x32 0.80
HDWR003 Thumb nut, brass, 10x24 1.00
HDWR004 Thumb nut, brass, 10x32 1.00
HDWR005 Thumb nut, brass, 12x24 1.25
HDWR006 Thumb nut, brass, 1/4x20 1.50
HDWR007 Thumb nut, brass, 5/16x18   2.50
HDWR040 Thumb nut, spark plug, 8x32   0.75
HDWR041 Thumb nut, spark plug, 8x40   0.75