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Wico Distributor Parts

Shortly after I started repairing mags, I got a call from a friend of the family who had a John Deere tractor with a dead Wico magneto. He explained that the coil was missing and that there was a connection on the mag for the battery. This didn't bother me much, since it was on old farmer's trick to convert a mag into a distributor. But when he said it looked "factory" and that he thought it was a distributor, I said "Naw.... Wico only made mags.... Can't be....." Well, had I only taken the time to flip a couple of pages in my Wico book..... I learned quickly that day that there is much to learn, and that Wico made distributors.

Wico, in fact, made 2 models of distributors, and made quite a lot of them. Their first series, the "DB" series, looked very much like the classic Delco or Autolite distributor that adorned many tractors of the day. It was round and came is 2, 4, and 6 cylinder varieties. It used and external coil, just like the many others that were made ny so many companies.

The other model, was the "XB", and this is the one that I got "caught" on! It looks just like a mag, and in fact shares many of the same parts as the "XH" series. It was designed to mount to the same place as a mag and was probably offered as an option. It may have also been sold as a replacement when people got fed up with their mags. That was so common back then, my family did that a lot, as did most other farmers. People just didn't understand mags as well as they understood distributors. If they did, the world might have used mags right up until electronic ignition.

Anyway, I have many if not most of the parts for both DB and XB distributors. If you look in the Wico parts book, you will see a variety of condensers for the DB distributor. These were probably made to match different coils that were obtained from different sources. Now, only one condenser is available for the DB and it fits all models and works with all coils. As for the XB, I haven't fully cross-referenced all the parts yet. If you don't see what you need, ask and I will find it.

The last distributor that I have parts for is the B-4027. This was a special distributor made for John Deere diesel engines with gasoline start. It is basiclly a rectangular box with 2 points, 2 coils, and 2 condensers. The wires come directly off the coils. I can supply most of the parts for this distributor.

Order number Description Picture Price each

Wico Models DB Distributor Parts

WIC226 Points, 1-5032   9.00
WIC222 Condenser, 2-5094, replaces all others   9.00
WIC280 Rotor, 4-5017   7.00
WIC310 Cap, 2 cyl, 3-5060   34.00
WIC311 Cap, 4 cyl, 3-5059   34.00
WIC312 Cap, 6 cyl, 3-5061   34.00

Wico Models XB Distributor Parts

WIC272 Points, 1-5008 (also replaces 1-5007) 18.00
WIC268 Condenser, 90-5072 12.00
WIC264 Coil, 5-5093 75.00
WIC276 Rotor, 2 cyl., 4-5003, except XB-4023, dual arm   12.00
WIC277 Rotor, 2 cyl., John Deere, 4-5018, XB-4023, single arm 12.00
WIC278 Rotor, 4 cyl. , 4-5010   28.00
WIC279 Rotor, 6 cyl, 4-5004 32.00
WIC250 Cap, 2 cyl, John Deere, 3-5000, except XB-4023, use with 4-5003 dual arm rotor 38.00
WIC319 Cap, 2 cyl, John Deere, 3-5016, XB-4023, use with 4-5018 single arm rotor 46.00
WIC252 Cap, 4 cyl., 3-5014   48.00
WIC258 Cap, 6 cyl, 3-5015   65.00
WIC255 Cap gasket, 94-5076   2.25

 Wico B-4027 Battery Distributor For John Deere Diesel Starting Engines

MAY31 Points, 1-5009 (yes they are the same points as used on cetain Maytags! Go figure!)   18.00
WIC270 Condenser, 2-5080   12.00
WIC265 Coil, 5-5091   85.00
WIC302 Cover gasket, 94-5192   2.50
WIC313 Cover, 94-5193   28.00 
WIC303 Resistor, 94-5190   5700