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Igniter Parts

I have all the parts you should need to rebuild most igniters. I can supply machined points, or I can supply the point material in rod form. The material I supply is a high nickel-content metal called "meteor metal". It is a very close substitute for the point material used in most igniters, especially Webster brackets. Other materials such as steel, tungsten, bronze, or the many other metals, are not suitable. Most tend to burn rather rapidly as they were not designed for this purpose (tungsten is used in high tension ignition points where the object is to have as little sparking across the points as possible.) The rod is 1/8 or 3/16" diameter and is supplied by the inch with a 2 inch minimum. It is easily machined with SHARP steel bits.

The long Fahnstock clip is similar to what you would find on most igniters. It is fabricated from beryllium copper and actually has the brand name "Fahnstock" stamped on it. The short clip is stamped brass and is about 1" long.

The gasket material is the same as the head gasket material. If you need a larger piece than 4x4, go to the gasket material section.

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Point material, 3/16" diameter, by the inch (2 inch minimum)




Point material, 1/8 diameter, by the inch (2 inch minimum)




Fahnstock clip, long




Fahnstock clip, short, brass