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Wico Flywheel Magneto Parts

Wico got into the flywheel magneto business when it became clear that smaller, lighter engines were the wave of the future (in the 30's.) They already had stiff competition from companies like Bosch, Eisemann, Johnson, and others. Their basic philosophy was to use as many existing parts as possible from other mags in the design of their first flywheel mags. The result, was a rather reliable first series of flywheel mags that weren't too popular, probably because they were too bulky and expensive. Too bad, though, because they were darned nice mags for their day. When they finally did their complete redesign of the flywheel mags, they ended up with a series of mags that were fery similar in appearance to most other mags on the market. And the worked and sold quite well.

There are 3 major models of Wico flywheel mags, the F, FG and FW. The F & FG mags are very similar and most parts are interchangeable. They were basicly designed with many of the same parts used in the LD and EK mags. (Coils & condenser from the LD, and magnets from the EK.) Some of them had 2 coils that were wired in series. The new single coil I supply here is hotter than both the original 1 and 2 coil mags. For the condenser, I use a generic one since the original is no longer available. I have recently started rebuilding these condensers with good success. I can rebuilt them for you or tell you how to do it. No points are available for type F or FG mags. If your points are too badly damaged, send them to me. I may be able to resurface them.

FW mags were the last series of flywheel mags made by Wico. They made these for many years and came in a variety of sizes. Some parts are available, and others aren't. It is a good bet that if you have an early FW mag, then original parts are no longer available. Generic condensers make good substitutes and most coils can be rewound. Unless the points are completely destroyed, they can usually be resurfaced with a good diamond file. Some parts are still available for FW mags, though. Until I discover what is popular, these will be special order. E-mail with requests. The Wico mag used on later Maytags is a special case and a much longer story. See the page on Maytag Parts for more details.

Someday I will get an application table on line. Until then, call or e-mail me with needs.

Order number Description Picture Price each

Wico Model F & FG Flywheel Mags

WIC221 Condenser, generic for type F & FG   5.00
  F or FG condenser rebuild, you must send me your condenser   25.00
WIC263 Coil, flywheel F & FG, use 1 to replace either 1 or 2   130.00

Wico Model FW Flywheel Mags

WIC420 Condenser, 2-5016   7.00
WIC421 Condenser, 2-5017   7.00
WIC422 Condenser, 2-5008   14.00
WIC444 Coil, 5-5015   50.00
WIC440 Coil, 5-5035   35.00
WIC441 Coil, 5-5039   35.00
WIC442 Coil, 5-5054   35.00
WIC443 Coil, 5-5034, replaces X9965, X11260, 11654, X12325, X12905, X12910, X12915, X12920   35.00