I can provide many services. These are some of the following:

Magneto Repair : I do this on a VERY limited basis. Since I only do this as a hobby (I have a full time job as an electrical engineer, I design networking products for the Internet and telephone service) I cannot service a great quantity of mags. I therefore do what I can. I have a machine shop and can fabricate parts as required. I can fix almost any mag (if I have the time!) If you are in a hurry and I am backed up, I can recommend another qualified repair shop for you. Always e-mail or call before sending a mag.

Custom Coils : My coil winder can fabircate or rewind almost any kind of ignition coil. Check out this page for details.

Condenser Repair : Most early condensers are no longer availabe. Further more, most condensers for out-of-business magneto companies (like Eisemann, Remy, Splitdorf, and a really long list of others) are no longer available. I can either supply a generic replacement for yours or rebuild the one you have. E-mail for details.

Custom Gears : My gear maker can fabricate both straight and helical cut gears in sizes up to 6". All gears are made from either steel stock or cast from a pattern. If you supply a set of originals, I may be able to duplicate them.

Model Gears : My gear maker is also the chief supplier for gears to the model engine hobby. Need something custom for a one-of-a-kind model? Or maybe you are planning to sell casting sets? Let me know you requirements and I will se if I can supply a gear. If you are designing a model engine from scratch, contact me before you get too far so that your model can be properly desgined around a set of gears (gears don't always scale well, best to check and be sure...)

Custom Engine and Model Tags : If I have a full size engine or magneto tag, I can also supply a model tag. If I don't have it, I can make it. Lead times can be VERY long for custom tags, so contact me early. I generally need a good tag to work from when making a new design of a tag.