Coil Winding Services

Although many coils are available new, most older ones are not. Especially shuttle wound coils like those in the AB-33 or the Bosch DU-4. These coils must be rewound using the existing armature. The original wire is stripped off, the armature cleaned, and new windings are installed topped with several coats of a high-quality varnish.

Coil winding services are not restricted to shuttle-wound armatures. My coil winder can fabricate just about any type of coil used in a magneto, or ignition box.

The person who winds my coils is generally reguarded as the best in the business, in fact he winds coils for almost all of the antique magneto repair shops in the US, and some overseas as well! If you have some special requirements for a coil, drop me an e-mail and I can give you a quote. Most coils are quite reasonable. You may have to supply a set of original coils as a pattern (you must always supply a core for shuttle wound coils.) All coils are guaranteed for 2 years (but will generally last FAR longer).